The protest against animal slaughter for meat seems to be gaining steam

Over the last decade or so, veganism has found followers all across the globe. Toronto is no different as the vegan community is growing steadily in the city.

Veganism is a way of life that believes in causing no harm to animals in any manner whatsoever. Many vegan restaurants have started to crop up across Toronto and vegan followers are aiming to make all restaurants in the city meat-free. The animal rights activists and vegan followers have been protesting against animal slaughter for the past few weeks in the city.

Their anti-meat campaign gained worldwide attention when the owner of a small restaurant called Antler ate deer leg in front of protesters. It seems like that shocking incident at Antler has not deterred the animal rights supporters. They have dialed up their protests a notch by marching outside McDonald’s and KFC outlets in the city.

Earlier, the animal rights protest received some flak for targetting only smaller restaurants like Antler and sparing the global food chains that serve meat. Responding to their critics, the protesters have now stood against McDonald’s and KFC in an attempt to raise awareness of animal rights and ending speciesism.

It seems like the protests outside KFC and McDonald’s are not going to stop in the coming weeks as the group is set to march to these food chains after their weekly protests outside Antler. These protests have sparked a huge debate among Torontonians as they try to decide if the right to choice is greater than animal rights. Where do you stand in this debate?