The bookstore closes its doors forever after enthralling bookaholics for over 35 years

If you have ever lived in North Toronto, especially in the Eglinton village, then you would have definitely heard of Handy Book Exchange. After spreading the joy of reading for over 35 years, Toronto’s only independent used bookstore will bid farewell to the city’s book lovers on March 31st, 2018.

Started in 1982, Handy Book Exchange has not only attracted avid readers but has also become a spot for retired seniors to meet people and catch up on old stories. The store manager, Carole Nelles expressed that the Eglinton community was very upset with the closing of the bookstore.

Image Source: Pixabay

Talking to a leading daily, Carole stated that renovation of the property to fix issues like leaky roofs has forced her to shut the bookstore. After the renovation, the rent of the property is expected to go up to $6000, which is much higher than what the bookstore can afford. With no other property for rent at a nominal rate in the vicinity, Carole has decided to close the doors of Handy Book Exchange forever.

In a race against time to get rid of over 50,000 books before the end of this month, the bookstore is selling each book for $1. With love and support pouring in from the people of North Toronto, Carole hopes to sell most of the books and donate the remaining to children’s charity.  

Handy Book Exchange has books on anything and everything under the sun including children’s books. If you are looking to buy books that are dirt cheap and wish to keep a slice of Toronto’s rich literary history, then you know where to go!