A mega pillow fight event is coming to town this April

A cozy bed and a soft pillow is the perfect kind of a warm welcome that one expects after a tiring day’s work. As adults, a pillow is where we rest our head and give in to sleep. But for kids, a pillow is a launchpad into the world of dreams and vivid imaginations.

Almost everyone would have some fond childhood memories of pillow fights with friends and siblings. Would you like to feel the joy and the adrenaline rush of a pillow fight yet again? If your answer is yes and if you are in Toronto on April 7th, then you can not only witness but participate in a massive pillow fight event.    


The International Pillow Fight Day, which falls on April 7th this year, is celebrated by major cities all over the world including our Toronto. Just like last year, Nathan Phillips Square will be the venue for the annual pillow fight event. Starting at 3 pm, a massive pillow fight flash mob will take over the street with hundreds of Toronto folks expected to take a swing at each other with their pillows.  

To avoid injuries to its participants, the event endorses the use of soft pillows and the pillow fight enthusiasts are requested to take light swings at their fellow participants.

Treat the inner child in you by experiencing the thrills of a pillow fight all over again. And if you are not in a mood for thrills, you can still take part in the mega pillow fight event as it is a great way to blow off steam and release pent-up aggression.

Are you up for a pillow fight? See ya on April 7th at Nathan Phillips Square!