Weather experts have predicted high chances of snow and heavy rains on Saturday and Sunday.

Spring is one of the most eagerly awaited seasons in Toronto. After harsh winters, the spring welcomes the people of Toronto with pleasant weather and sunshine to enjoy outdoors

Unfortunately, spring hasn’t turned out to be as expected with bad weather and snow storm spoiling the party. Well, it looks like there is no real respite for Torontonians as Environment Canada predicts heavy rains and snow this weekend.

A similar bad weather situation ruined the last weekend for the city’s good folks with temperatures dropping to -2C. According to weather experts, the Southern Ontario region might receive freezing rains of up to 20 millimeters and battle strong winds of 60 km/h or more.

Last week’s storm had thrown day-to-day life into disarray with pictures of fallen tree branches, toppled signposts and damaged construction cranes widely circulated on social media. And if predictions are to be believed, it seems like Torontonians are in for a rough weekend.  

It is highly advisable to stay indoors, stock up on supplies and spend a warm, dry weekend from the comforts of your home.