Look out for those bright dancing lights in the sky

For centuries, Aurora Borealis aka Northern Lights has captured the fascination of mankind. Who wouldn’t be mesmerized by those pretty, bright and colorful lights adorning the sky? What if we told you that you can witness this phenomenon over the weekend?

If the reports are to be believed, then there is a strong chance of visibility of Northern Lights across major Canadian cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax. A possible geostorm disturbing the earth’s geomagnetic field is expected to result in the appearance of Northern Lights.

Image Source: Pixabay

‘National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’ states that the high-speed solar winds might cause a minor disturbance to the earth’s geomagnetic field on the night of 15th March. This may affect satellite communication and it might lead to the mystique display of Aurora Borealis as well.

With March Equinox (March 20th) just around the corner, a time when geomagnetic activities are intense, there is a strong probability of appearance of Northern Lights across Canadian skies.

If the conditions are clear, Northern Lights might be visible across Canada on the nights of March 17th and March 18th. For a better viewing experience, we suggest you move to the outskirts of your city where pollution and other light sources on the skyline will not affect the visibility of Northern Lights.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for those pretty dancing lights to light up our weekend!