The low-calorie, high-protein, and low-sugar ice-cream has paved its way to Canada

You can now say the word ice-cream and diet in the same breath while still being completely guilt-free. Yes, you read that right! Wondering how? Well, Halo Top, the yummylicious ice-cream which contributes only 80 to 100 calories per serving is now available in Canada. You can now binge watch and binge eat with a little less guilt by stocking up on products from Halo Top Creamery.

Low-cal dessert lovers can indulge in 12 ice-cream flavors, which include but are not limited to chocolate, peanut butter swirl, mint chip, cookies, and cream, among others. Those living in Toronto are likely to have spotted HT’s sinless sugar cravings in the freezer aisles at Metro or Loblaw’s. We hear that Whole Food, Save on foods, and CO-OP stores are stocking on these ice-creams too. If you wish to know where to buy Halo Top Ice Creams, please click here to locate the nearest store.

We know what’s added to our grocery list. Hope you enjoy some sweet indulgence too!