Come October, the city’s downtown area will be flooded with foodies.

Chinese food lovers rejoice! Goubuli, renowned for their tasty baozi, is coming to downtown Toronto in October this year.

Satiating taste buds since 1858, Goubuli is one of the oldest food chains to have originated from China. The word ‘Goubuli’ in Mandarin roughly translates to “Dog Ignores”, which was the motto of the earliest restaurant owner to ignore small talk during business hours.

Image Source: Wiki Commons

One of the famed delicacies of Goubuli is steamed bun aka baozi, which is made of half leaven dough stuffed with soft meat and little soup. The stuffings in baozi vary from pork, crab to shredded seafood.

Apart from baozi, Tianjin-style snacks such as smoked meats, handmade noodle soup and jellyfish with black vinegar are highly recommended by food lovers around the world. After the grand success of its first restaurant in West Beaver Creek, the second Goubuli outlet in the city will open at: Ground Floor of Dragon Condo at 270 Spadina Avenue, Chinatown.

It will be interesting to see how Goubuli competes with some of the best chinese restaurants at the Chinatown area. Come October, the chinese food lovers are expected to throng to downtown Toronto for satiating their baozi cravings. Who else has marked their calendars? We definitely have!